It’s no secret that the majority of millennials are feeling unfulfilled and frustrated with the state of their lives and the greater world.

 Unlike the preceding generations, millennials aren’t content with the status quo and so they’re going to great lengths to question and find the real purpose of their lives — of their existence on this planet.

They don’t want to attend post-secondary — a system that is already outdated and irrelevant to many new career options that have only come into existence over the past 5-10 years. 

They don’t want to work at a soul-sucking 9-5 job for 40+ years that overworks them, underpays them, and undervalues them.

They don’t want to be disconnected and powerless in a world full of self-seeking authorities that truthfully couldn’t care less about the future of their youth.

They want their work to reflect a human soul that didn’t just exist to make a living.

They want their work to reflect a human soul that exemplifies a life well-lived  —  a life that is honourable, compassionate, and world-changing.

Some may call them entitled, over-idealistic, or even crazy.

We call them Social Entrepreneurs.

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