Over the past few years, we’ve tried different business models and tackled many niches 🤷‍♀️ 

Although we grew and learned a great deal in each every one of these endeavours, there was always something that was out of alignment — something that we couldn’t quite put our finger on.

In late 2018, we finally realized that we had to get a lot more clear about what we truly envisioned for our lives, because only then could we really start taking conscious and purposeful actions every day that would get us closer to our true purpose.

What we ultimately realized was that we both had a love and skill for teaching 👩‍🏫

We didn’t want to sell someone else’s product, we didn’t want to do done-for-you services, and we didn’t want to sell and ship physical products.

For our own personal reasons, these business models — although equally viable in their own right — were just not for us.

As opposed to merely giving our clients a metaphorical fish, we wanted to teach them how to fish 🎣

We wanted to empower people through education to change their lives — to empower people to become the heroes of their own stories.

Through our 4-step process called the Impact Formula, you can — whether you’re a beginner in the online world of business, or you’ve been at it for a couple years already trying to find your way — understand the keys to creating a purposeful and profitable business around what you know…

Around your “ikigai”  — the intersection between what you’re good at 💪, what you love 💓, what you can get paid for 💰, and what the world needs 🌎🤲

If you’d like to learn more about the 4 steps of the Impact Formula and how you can get to $100K+ by creating a better world, just keep listening…

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