We all like to think of ourselves as people who do what we say we believe in.

We all want to be deemed as someone of true conviction.

But how many of us really ARE those people?

Are YOU one of those people?

We often hear people say, “I’m 100% committed to taking my business to the next level!”…

But then when it comes time to take action and invest in themselves, they jump back onto the fence without realizing they just contradicted the conviction they just proclaimed they had.

For a long time, we were right there with them, so I know it’s not an easy decision to make — but it’s a necessary and simple one.

Either you’re 100% committed or you’re not…

There is no success in entrepreneurship without some level of risk and uncertainty, so trying to evade it is futile.

It’s black or white — hot or cold…

There is no grey or lukewarm.

So, are you fooling yourself or are you REALLY committed to your highest purpose?

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